Reflecting on BE: A Retreat for Women Leaders

By far, my favorite event of 2022 was BE: A Retreat for Women Leaders at Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs. This was unlike any conference I’ve had the privilege to speak at or attend. It was for women in any kind of ministry leadership whether pastoring, heading up a non-profit, directing a particular ministry within a larger organization, or leading within their sphere of influence through writing and speaking. I lead two sessions: one on fully receiving God’s love toward us to nurture us in leadership, and the second on owning our leadership.

As the event page says, “BE is a retreat for women leaders. It is not a leadership conference, focused on the “doing” of leadership. Nor is it a women’s conference that focuses on biblical teaching, and encouragement for all women. BE is uniquely designed to provide a safe space for you as a female leader to work through your challenges and your wounds, and to come and rest without being “on” or in charge. You will BE in a nurturing environment, cared for by God.”

Due to other commitments this spring I will not be able to participate in the next conference on April 28-30, 2023. But I highly recommend this retreat for any woman who wants a safe, encouraging, invigorating environment to be refreshed as a leader.

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