What’s Ahead for 2023

The new year brings less speaking and more heads-down work on an upcoming Bible study on forgiveness, designed to get small groups studying and discussing what God says on the subject in both the Old and New Testaments! If you’ve read my Colossians Bible study, New Woman, New Clothes, you know I’m passionate about helping people shed the “funeral garments” of the pre-Christ life that still weigh us down. Unforgiveness is one of those, and I talk extensively in chapters 14-16 of New Woman about what it means to embrace the God-given power to forgive and to be set free from pain and bitterness. Now, I get to extend and expand that teaching to adult small groups by tracing God’s plan to forgive humans and empower them to do the same throughout the entire Bible. Excited to share more as the project evolves.

My speaking calendar will pick up later in the year, but you can always find me helping with adult classes and groups at Faithbridge Church in Spring, Texas. If you are local to the north Houston area, check out what we’ve got available this semester.

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