• Reading Roundup: Get Growing in Leadership, Prayer, and Faith

    If you read last week’s post, you know we’ve started a series on finding and fulfilling our callings, with a special emphasis on the how God equips women to live on purpose for Him. With that in mind, I’ve got three resources in this quarter’s Reading Roundup to help you pursue your goals this new…

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  • Reading Roundup: 3 Takes on Family and Community

    It’s been awhile since I shared some great books, so it’s time for another Reading Roundup. Other than the fact that all three of these reads have blueish-greenish covers, I thought they were an eclectic group. However, I realized while writing about them that they all touch on themes of family and community. Explains why…

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  • reading roundup: 4 books you’ll love to read and share

    Looking for something new to read or recommend to your book-loving friends? There’s always a stack at my bedside or downloaded to my Kindle, so beginning with this first Reading Roundup, I’ll periodically share what’s impacting me. Here are four books to kick us off. 

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