• When Holiday Busyness Distracts, Battle Back

    Happy weird week between Thanksgiving and December 1st! Maybe you’ve been more productive than I have, but I’ve treated it like the calm before the storm. I didn’t even do Cyber-Monday shopping like I normally do, opting instead to grab my dog and go play outside. Pretty sure I was trying to stay far, far…

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  • confessions of the world’s worst barista

    Note to 1995-coffee-house self:  NO MATTER WHAT, ALWAYS PUT THE  CARAFE BACK UNDER THE AUTODRIPPER BEFORE YOU PRESS “ON.” Even if that old crank with the bad hair fusses that her bagel is charring in the toaster, even if your boyfriend is chatting you up for free coffee, DO NOT FORGET THE CARAFE. Of course,…

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  • It’s Not About the Bread: A 10-minute Devo to Calm Your End-of-School-Year Stress

    Yesterday, my daughter and I hunted like mad for her cellphone, so convinced she left it at school (grrrrrrr) that we overlooked it three times in an obscure backpack pocket (oops).  This morning, she left her breakfast behind while scrambling to get to an early rehearsal, so right now I’m sitting in the school parking…

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