• Your Love Letter from God

    Dear Valentine, Before you were even formed, I knew you. I made a way to bring you into my family because of my love for you. I am the way to your forever home. You are my child. I have made that home for you, but you also have made a home for me, right…

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  • Love that Covers in a World that’s Showing Its Backside

    I have GOT to get some new jeans. As I was throwing mine in the wash, I realized all but one pair are sagging in the knees or worse, coming apart at the seams in some highly critical regions. We are not talking a level of trendy distressing here. We are talking potential wardrobe malfunction…

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  • Some Puppy Love and What It Can Teach Us

    Confession: I have been known to FaceTime my dog when I’m away from home. That’s right. I’ve asked someone at my house to go get my dog and put her on video so I could croon baby-talk to her. And why not? Look at that face. She’s adorable. She clearly misses me when I’m gone.…

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