February 2023

  • Your Love Letter from God

    Dear Valentine, Before you were even formed, I knew you. I made a way to bring you into my family because of my love for you. I am the way to your forever home. You are my child. I have made that home for you, but you also have made a home for me, right…

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  • Better than Fretting! How to Stay Calm and Carry On, Part II

    Yes, that’s a camel. I’ve never ridden one—elephant yes, camel no—but I’ve heard they can be stubborn and cantankerous. Friends living in the Middle East told me their kids’ school bus was delayed one day for what seemed like forever because a camel decided to park itself in the road and chill there for the…

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  • Better than Fretting: How to Keep Calm and Carry On, Part I

    What keeps you up at night? Bills? Relationships? Heartburn that, you worry, might be more than heartburn? If so, you’re in good company. By nature, I worry like it’s my superpower. But the Holy Spirit continues to disciple me through scripture fretting subsides as I shift my perspective and trust God more deeply. In this…

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