March 2020

  • How to Lead Like a Mother and Mother Like a Leader

    Show of hands: who’s really lost it yet with their fellow quarantinees? I’ve had some moments before this, but yesterday, wham, everything bubbled up. I was going toe-to-toe over something completely stupid with one kid, everything in me wanting to win the argument, while also yelling across the house at the other to please-just-turn-down-the-TV. Meanwhile,…

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  • On International Women’s Day, Rise Like a Deborah

    For International Women’s Day, I’ve been mulling over the life of Deborah, a prophetess who led the nation of Israel during its “Wild West” period known as the time of the judges. Like another notable prophetess, Miriam (see Exodus 15:20), Deborah was gifted in Spirit-inspired song. In fact, all of Judges 5 is a truth-telling,…

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  • How To Overcome Obstacles to Your Calling: Interview with Dr. Angie Ward, part II

    Happy Book Launch Day to Dr. Angie Ward, who gave us warm, wise advice last week on how to embrace God’s calling in our lives. No surprise, I’m recommending I Am a Leader: When Women Discover the Joy of Their Calling to everybody–Go Get This Book! But until you can head to the store or…

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