October 2019

  • How Wise Prayers Shape Our Lives

    Shout out to every woman in seminary right now. It’s been a week for us and our sisters serving on the front lines, regardless of ministry role or theological conviction. I’m not going to rehash the “women in ministry” debates, especially the ones that seem like misogyny cloaked in religious posturing, but let me say…

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  • Wisdom Packaged in Love

    I miss my Nana. Yesterday, I wanted to phone her so badly. I loved the way she would call me “Dahlin” in her Deep South drawl and end our conversations reminding me, “I prayed for you and all my grandchildren today!” Makes sense I would think of her as I study Proverbs, where wisdom is…

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  • When Wisdom Speaks, Be Ready to Listen

    There’s a whole lot of talking, but not a lot being said. Pretty much sums up our culture, doesn’t it? Everybody has a take or a taunt. You know it’s only going to get louder as we head into 2020. This introvert gal has had about enough and would sign up to be a hermit…

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