Month: August 2019

How Will You Stay Faithful When Your Faith Is Rocked? Summer Devotional 8

Reverse puberty. Fun phrase, and no, I’m not wishing kids would morph into their younger selves. Where would the adventure be in that? No, “reverse puberty” is how doctors explain the “profound amount of [biological] stress that causes physical, mental, and emotional strain” during a…

When evil looms, will you pray this prayer? Summer Devotional 7

Darkness. Brokenness. Evil. I’m not going to recount the news cycles of the last few weeks, but if you’ve scrolled the headlines, you’ve seen enough to make your heart break or anger spark, more so if events hit close to home. Or maybe you’re…

Are You Serving Up “Rightness” or Kindness? Summer Devotional 6

Ever been caught between the choice to insist you’re right and the choice to extend kindness? This week, I’ve asked my friend and previous guest-poster Dena Hobbs to discuss why the spiritual fruit of kindness matters, especially in this climate of polarizing rhetoric and…

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