Month: July 2019

Will You Let Peace Put You Back Together? Summer Devotional 4

“Sarah, I need you to pray with me right now.” That was how I ambushed a new friend at a writer’s conference just a few days ago. What had started as a joy-infused time of skill sharpening and networking had now ushered in my…

How Will You Stay Joyful? Summer Devotional 3

This week I’m sweating for Jesus with some fantastic rising  7th graders who’ve chosen to serve needy families by doing yardwork  and hosting a VBS in a Houston-area park. Translation? LOOOONG days of dirt, fire ants, and other creepy crawlies, not to mention stuffy…

Is Your Love Growing? Summer Devotional 2

I love sweet, summer strawberries. I also love new shoes, puppies, vacations, and my family. Like everyone else, I throw that word “love” around a lot, but I also know the way I feel about my husband and kids is different than the way…

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