January 2019

  • When the Past Has You Tied in Knots

    “I have tried and tried to forgive him. I want to forgive! But I just can’t seem to forget. Now, I’m so afraid of being hurt again by someone else.” Ugh, that’s a hard place to be, and anyone who’s gone through pain and betrayal can probably relate. In fact, after this dear woman shared…

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  • That Time My Dog Was Almost Lunch

    On Tuesday, I was rambling around the lake with Bali, my fluffy little troublemaker of a dog, when a massive eagle flew over our heads and settled in a tree nearby. The bird was a motley-colored juvenile, so at first, I thought it was a hawk from the coloring. But no hawk is THAT big,…

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  • Time for a Happy Renew Year? Strategies to Recharge You

    Happy New Year! Just a note from all of us at the Glass house to wish you well, and a special “I’m right there with ya” from me to all you parents who are torn between gratefulness for a few more days of family time and a growing need for everybody to get back to…

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