September 2018

  • Why Every Super Hero Needs Her Team

    A few weeks ago, we were just about to kick back for a relaxed Sunday evening of cooking out and watching the Astros play the Red Sox. While McLeod grilled burgers, I stepped inside to heat up some sides, but when I looked up from where I was stirring at the stove, I found my…

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  • 5 Ways to Fire Up Your Prayer Life

    We’ve been fired up around here lately. Not only are we cooking like crazy on our new grill, but we’ve got a fire pit that’s proving to be a huge hit, and not just with the younger set. Fresh pop corn and marshmallow goodness, here we come. Sometimes, though, it takes a few tries to…

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  • Top Gear Every Woman Needs for a Tough World

    What’s it take to put on our “spiritual super suits” and be the wonder women that God created us to be? That’s what we’re talking about is this series of posts as we look at practical ways to live with purpose, lead with grace, and love with whole hearts. Tip number one? Go deeper with…

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