February 2018

  • Love that Covers in a World that’s Showing Its Backside

    I have GOT to get some new jeans. As I was throwing mine in the wash, I realized all but one pair are sagging in the knees or worse, coming apart at the seams in some highly critical regions. We are not talking a level of trendy distressing here. We are talking potential wardrobe malfunction…

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  • 3 ways to transform “thoughts and prayers” into substance

    Since last week’s shooting, I’ve vacillated between grief and anger like pretty much everybody I know. I’ve fist-pumped at impactful posts only to despair at online arguments that are more about blame-shifting than truth-seeking. One trending idea that’s caught my attention is that politicians will once again offer only “thoughts and prayers” but no real…

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  • Dear Younger Me, Here’s What They Don’t Tell You about Parenting

    Dear Younger Me, One day you’ll hear yourself yell in frustration, “If you‘re going to stand on the kitchen table, at least sit down.” With that nonsense echoing in your ears, you’ll suddenly awake from a parenting stupor. You’ll wonder when exactly you surrendered your home and sanity to a couple of pint-sized preschoolers. And…

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