Month: January 2018

dear younger me, do less. be more.

Dear Younger Me, Slow down. Soak up life’s richness, physically and spiritually. Your existence is worth more than a mad scramble for stuff and success. Be still. Know God. XXOO, Older Me Next to relationship advice, that’s been the second biggest theme for what…

dear younger me, stop stressing out your marriage

Dear Younger Me, You pulled off that dream wedding! Just wanted you to know the next 22 years will be an adventure like nothing you can imagine from those church steps. Yes, you’re going to learn some things the hard way, but oh, they…

dear younger me, someday you get to pay it forward

Happy New Year! I’m glad to be back and hope 2018 finds you well. Did you know you helped me reach over 2000 visitors since Cassia’s Place launched? WaHoo and Thank You! Did you find something here that fired you up about pursuing your…

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