Month: December 2017

That Time I Had a Baby Five Days Before Christmas

Easter weekend 2001, we discovered to our utter amazement that we were expecting a baby. From a due date calculator, we also discovered our child would be born right around Christmas. Though our son’s birth was nine months away, a Christmas dream was born… Continue Reading “That Time I Had a Baby Five Days Before Christmas”

uncommon snow and average joe

We had SNOW on Friday. At the end of a hard, sorrowful week following my mother-in-law’s death, we awoke to Houston blanketed in white-velvet gorgeousness. We squealed. We hit each other with snowballs. We built hideous last-minute snowmen before heading to school once the… Continue Reading “uncommon snow and average joe”

tidings of comfort and joy

We knew, and yet we didn’t know. We’ve been preparing ourselves since early fall for the passing of my husband’s mom. We knew she was likely in her final months, and yet, when the end came on Monday night, we still felt the shock… Continue Reading “tidings of comfort and joy”

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