Debunking the Myths of Motherhood: Meet Suzanne Werlein

This month we’re debunking those parenting myths that cause tension, guilt, and frustration! If you’ve ever struggled with the many roles and responsibilities of “mom life”—and drifted into despair because of it—today’s Myth-Busting Mama has a word for you!

My friend Suzanne Werlein is part of the heart and soul of Faithbridge Church, a vibrant community in northwest Houston planted by her husband Ken twenty years ago. She shares how her motherhood journey collided with her ministry journey and left her crying out to God for answers. The myth she’s had to battle? “A good mom can do it all, all at the same time.” Read More

Debunking the Myths of Motherhood: Meet Jennifer Perez

Nothing like eight weeks of family togetherness to make you question yourself as a mom, huh? I’m thankful for so much, but I’d be lying if I said this COVID-19 season hasn’t tested me and prompted soul searching.

Lurking beneath my feelings of tension, guilt, and frustration? Some faulty assumptions and beliefs that undermine God’s truth.

Maybe you’ve met some of them – those Motherhood Myths that creep in to whisper there’s such a thing as a “perfect” parent if we just try hard enough or that our value comes from whether the kids are happy with us or not.

I’ve realized the best Mother’s Day gift I can give myself is to bust those myths wide open by applying grace and godly wisdom to my parenting. I’ve also reached out to other myth-busting mamas, like my friend Jennifer Perez, to discuss the motherhood myths we’re debunking. Let’s get busting! Read More

How to Lead Like a Mother and Mother Like a Leader

Show of hands: who’s really lost it yet with their fellow quarantinees? I’ve had some moments before this, but yesterday, wham, everything bubbled up. I was going toe-to-toe over something completely stupid with one kid, everything in me wanting to win the argument, while also yelling across the house at the other to please-just-turn-down-the-TV. Meanwhile, hubby decide to intervene which led to a very nice discussion called “Who’s side are you on anyway?”

Once it was all over, I felt like a doofus for awhile. I made my apologies. I got some extra rest last night. I’ll take a little me-time today even if I have to lock myself in the bathroom and concoct a homemade facial. But here’s what I’m not about to do: I’m not about to give up my job as Mother-in-Chief and neither should you, even when you don’t feel exactly up to the task. Read More

On International Women’s Day, Rise Like a Deborah

For International Women’s Day, I’ve been mulling over the life of Deborah, a prophetess who led the nation of Israel during its “Wild West” period known as the time of the judges. Like another notable prophetess, Miriam (see Exodus 15:20), Deborah was gifted in Spirit-inspired song. In fact, all of Judges 5 is a truth-telling, prophetic anthem attributed to her. However, she was also that lightening-in-a-bottle combination of spokesperson for God and capable, charismatic leader, dispensing wisdom as she decided her people’s civil cases, giving God’s marching orders to the military leader, and rallying the people to fight back against their enemies (Judges 4-5). Here’s what she says about that holy calling:    

“In the days of Shamgar son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the highways were abandoned; travelers took to winding paths [because of attacks and oppression from the Canaanites]. Villagers in Israel would not fight; they held back until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose, a mother in Israel.” From the Song of Deborah, Judges 5:6-7

I don’t know if Deborah had children of her own—we do know she had a husband named Lappidoth but no mention is made of children—but whether she had raised a family or not, she stepped into the role of “motherly protector in Israel,” as the New English Translation renders that last phrase.

Let that sink in.

When everyone around her was shrinking back, hiding in fear during a time of turmoil and oppression, Deborah arose as a picture of GOD’S strength, wisdom, and advocacy on behalf of others. Her womanhood shone forth in its fiercest form, not only as nurturer but as courageous protector. Read More

How To Overcome Obstacles to Your Calling: Interview with Dr. Angie Ward, part II

Happy Book Launch Day to Dr. Angie Ward, who gave us warm, wise advice last week on how to embrace God’s calling in our lives. No surprise, I’m recommending I Am a Leader: When Women Discover the Joy of Their Calling to everybody–Go Get This Book! But until you can head to the store or get your copy Prime-delivered, here are Angie’s answers to more of your questions on how to hear God clearly and how to keep pursuing your calling in tough times. Read More

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