Better than Fretting! How to Stay Calm and Carry On, Part II

Yes, that’s a camel. I’ve never ridden one—elephant yes, camel no—but I’ve heard they can be stubborn and cantankerous. Friends living in the Middle East told me their kids’ school bus was delayed one day for what seemed like forever because a camel decided to park itself in the road and chill there for the afternoon. So the fact that such an animal will trust its handler and carry people and goods great distances is pretty amazing. In fact, one of the phrases we’ll look at as we finish our “better than fretting” list comes from the idea of a camel who, at the handler’s command, kneels like this one, leans to one side and lets its burden roll from its back.

Last week, we learned to replace fretting and fuming with the first four of seven new actions. In the face of opposition, evil, or chaos, Psalm 37:1-3 taught us to trust God, do good, dwell where He has us, and cultivate faithfulness. Psalm: 37:4-6 give us actions 5, 6, and 7 that are better than fretting:

Delight yourself in the Lord;
And He will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him, and He will do it.
He will bring forth your righteousness as the light
And your judgment as the noonday.

5. Delight in the Lord – Delight is a word of joy and friendship, isn’t it? It’s children who, once this pandemic is over, rush to see all their friends. It’s ME getting to see all my friends again, and not on a Zoom call. It speaks of face-to-face, of hugs, and of laughter. Read More

Better than Fretting: How to Keep Calm and Carry On, Part I

Last post, we began exploring Psalm 37 (and yes, we delved a bit into my bittersweet feelings as I sent my son to college). I’m happy to report Operation College Launch was successful. I’m also happy to report that with that important day behind me, I’m ready to unpack more wisdom from King David. Read More

Kids Headed into a New Season? 3 Ideas for Sending Along Wisdom

“Is this more of a yahoo or a boohoo breakfast?”

This was the question my girlfriends and I asked each other years ago while crowded around a Panera table, half an hour after Kindergarten Drop-Off Day One. Believe me, there was a range of emotions that morning, from giddy freedom to downright despair!

Fast forward and I’m helping (ok, mostly watching) my oldest pack for college drop off and realizing I’m going to need a new Yahoo/BooHoo moment with friends.

Once again, range of emotions.

As my son packs up everything from COVID-19-preventing masks to an ancient mini-fridge, I’m keenly aware of all I still want to tell him about adult life. I keep slipping words of wisdom into conversation—today, it was about budgeting and not forgetting to tithe. He is being very patient with me, and I’m trying not to lecture!

The achy joy of this season might explain my fascination with parents in the Bible who wrote down godly wisdom for their kids. There’s the brilliant queen mother in Proverbs 31 and Solomon’s compositions addressed to his sons in Proverbs 1-7.  The past few days, though, I’ve been soaking up Psalm 37, a Hebrew alphabet acrostic by King David. Read More

Debunking the Myths of Motherhood: Meet Molly Prim

This month has been all about gaining freedom and perspective as parents. From the tall tale that a “good” mom shouldn’t need breaks from her kids, to the lie that she should be able to do it all (and all at the same time), to the whopper that she should love each child in exactly the same way, we’ve been demolishing the myths of motherhood. This week brings us a final Myth-Busting Mama who battled back against the notion that she should take all her cues from her parental peers on everything from birthday-party bounce-houses to which college is best for her child.

Molly Prim is a fun, down-to-earth friend whom I’ve come to respect even more as she serves as a lay elder guiding our church during these upside-down times. Her practical advice and creative approaches find their backing in scripture, so I knew she’d have great things to share. If you’ve ever felt the pressure to keep pace with everyone else’s parenting “highlight reel,” you’ll love what Molly has to say! Read More

Debunking the Myths of MotherHood: Meet MoNicka

Hey there, Myth-Busting Mamas! We’re cruising into week three of our series with encouragement today from my friend MoNicka!

I got to know Mo while serving together with youth. Her warm smile and kind words are a blessing to kids and adults alike. She’s befriended many moms in our church and neighborhood—and more than a few of us have binge-watched her Instagram cooking tutorials for meal ideas during the pandemic shutdown. Mo also loves developing students, especially as a mentor to young women in her high school Bible study group.

But Mo let me in on a secret:

“People would tell me, ‘I bet you never yell at your kids! You are such a good mom,’ because they would see that I worked with children and students. Then, at home, I couldn’t understand why I bumped heads and argued so much, especially with my younger son. I thought I was parenting the ‘right way,’ but I felt like such a bad mom because what worked with one of my sons didn’t work with the other.”

However, Mo eventually uncovered a myth she’d bought into, and she got to work replacing it with truth. You’ll be encouraged by what she has to say, plus she shares a mouth-watering dessert recipe to tempt your family to log off those Zoom calls and come to the table.

Read More
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