August 2020

  • Better than Fretting! How to Stay Calm and Carry On, Part II

    Yes, that’s a camel. I’ve never ridden one—elephant yes, camel no—but I’ve heard they can be stubborn and cantankerous. Friends living in the Middle East told me their kids’ school bus was delayed one day for what seemed like forever because a camel decided to park itself in the road and chill there for the […]

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  • Better than Fretting: How to Keep Calm and Carry On, Part I

    Last post, we began exploring Psalm 37 (and yes, we delved a bit into my bittersweet feelings as I sent my son to college). I’m happy to report Operation College Launch was successful. I’m also happy to report that with that important day behind me, I’m ready to unpack more wisdom from King David.

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  • Kids Headed into a New Season? 3 Ideas for Sending Along Wisdom

    “Is this more of a yahoo or a boohoo breakfast?” This was the question my girlfriends and I asked each other years ago while crowded around a Panera table, half an hour after Kindergarten Drop-Off Day One. Believe me, there was a range of emotions that morning, from giddy freedom to downright despair! Fast forward […]

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